Employee App and Available Benefits

Employee Benefits


Call 1-800-826-9781 Combined Medical & Prescription ID cards Find a medical care provider Pre-certification/pre-authorization Coordination of benefits Medical claims details EOB statement (Explanation of Benefits) Assistance with medical claims issues

Enrollment & Eligibility

Call 888-437-4866 Benefit enrollment assistance, Verification of eligibility and coverage, General benefit questions, Benefit Plan coverage and elections, Dependent verifications, COBRA support or questions, Resetting Benefitsolver password, Warm transfer to other CRH vendors, Questions on Flexible Spending Healthcare, (HC-FSA), Dependent Care (DC-FSA) and, Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Prescription Drugs

Call 800-378-0458 Print your Prescription Drug ID Card from the app or website, Pharmacy locations, Information on retail 90-day refills, Home Delivery (mail order), Prescription Drug Formulary, Rx history. Specialty Drugs: CVS Specialty, 866-846-3095, www.cvsspecialty.com


Call 800-521-2651 Dental ID Card, Print your card from the website, Find a Dental provider, Dental Coverage details, Dental claims status.

Employee Assistance (EAP)

Call 1-866-248-4096 Face-to-face Counseling, Legal Services, Financial Services, ID Recovery, Legal Services. For instructions to log in, please contact your local Human Resources team.


Call 866-723-0513 Vision ID Card, Print your card from the website, Find a Vision provider, Vision Coverage details, Vision claim status.

Retirement 401k

Call 800-835-5095 View 401k account balance, Update beneficiary information, Elect or change deferral percentage, Allocate investments elections, Apply for 401k loan.


Call 1-800-835-2363 24/7 Video visit with doctor to discuss common health conditions, Counseling services.

Online Wage Statements

Check with your local human resources team for instructions to log in.

You can now download the employee app in the app store! Check out the awesome features and benefits below!聽 Reach out to your local Human Resources team to learn how to log in so you can begin receiving up-to-date information via the employee app.