Roosevelt Municipal Airport


Burdick Materials

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Owner:听Roosevelt City
General Contractor:听Burdick Materials
Start Date: 7-30-19
Completion Date: 8-10-20
Subcontractors or Key Contractors:听Coughlin Companies, Mesquite Electric, Jones & DeMille
Materials and Quantities:

  • Granular Borrow = 17,000 Tons, Road base = 19,229
  • HMA = 21,353 Tons, Installed 34,463 LF of pipe.

This project consisted of rehabilitation of 6,500 LF of the runway, including a full depth cement-treated soil base course and 4″ of hot mix asphalt (HMA). The runway received 4″ of under-drain, which ran up both sides of the runway with associated underground drainage. Crews constructed the new full-length taxi-way with two connectors and a turnaround at each end. The taxi-way received 4″ of under-drain installed on both sides, which feeds into an 18″ and 12″ trunk line that drains the whole airfield. Crews placed just over 20,000 tons of asphalt and just under 35,000 LF of pipe. The airport also received a complete electrical and lighting upgrade.


"This project will increase airport traffic and fuel sales for Roosevelt City. "

Nick Bailey - Project Manager


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